June 13, 2024

Sidmouth College now uses an online booking system for making appointments to see your child’s teachers for parents’ evenings. To access the PEBS system, click on the link below.

Open Parents’ Evening Booking System

Parents’ Evening Dates are as follows

Year 8   13.03.12 (Invited)
Year 11   20.03.12 (Open)
Year 12   27.03.12 (Open)
Year 10   17.04.12 (Invited)
Year 9   19.06.11 (Open)
Year 7   26.06.12 (Open)

To assist you in using the system, some ‘how to’ video tutorials have been provided. To use these, please select from the list below.

If you wish to make the video full screen, then click the small box on the bottom right hand side of the player after you have pressed the play button.