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How to access the Sidmouth College remote server:

Instructions for Windows
Instructions for iPhone or iPad
Instructions Android phones and tablets
Instructions for Mac

Remote Access on Windows

Click on the Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection link as in the picture below:

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Sidmouth College uses a virtualised environment on which we run our servers. A server is a special computer that is programmed to carry out a specific role. This ranges from holding staff and pupil documents to controlling the college’s heating system. The college uses a VMWare platform to enable multiple ‘servers’ to be run off a single physical machine. One advantage is the physical footprint of our cumulative server systems is a lot smaller as we no longer have a large number of physical servers, the power consumption is a great deal lower which has positive environmental and economic impacts and virtualised servers run off a single virtualised hard disk file in normal operation. Due to it being a single file, it means that back-ups can be created with ease and restoring from back-ups in the possible event of a failure, this method is far easier than traditional tape backup. Major modification of hardware can also be accommodated without disrupting the virtualised environment of Windows Server as this could present a serious issue in a physical environment.

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