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New to Outlook 2016 or upgrading from a previous version? Use this guide to learn the basics.

Set up your account

You can use Outlook 2016 as soon as you enter your account info. On the ribbon, click File > Info and then click the Add Account button. Sign in with your preferred email address, or use the information provided by your company or school.

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Enjoy the internet safely: Click Clever, Click Safe

The internet is a great way to see more, learn more and have lots of fun. To help you enjoy it safely, you should follow the ‘Click Clever, Click Safe Code’. It’s just three simple things to remember that can help keep you safe when you visit your favourite websites. This initiative was concieved from a group of over 150 stakeholders including the BBC, ChildNet, Disney, Facebook, Google, the Internet Watch Foundation, Microsoft, the NSPCC, Samaritans, Vodaphone and Yahoo!.

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‘Spam’ is a term which is given to people using digital delivery systems to deliver bulk unsolicited messages indiscriminately. It is prudent to remember that we will never be able to stop all spam coming into the college.

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Purchasing a computer is a big decision to make, what sort of computer do you need to perform the tasks you wish to carry out? Before deciding on a brand and model, you need to choose the right type of machine and ensure you have the correct machine specification. Follow the flow diagram below to get a rough idea of what you should be looking for.

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The internet is the world’s biggest library with billions of pages of information.  If you don’t know the exact address of the website you need then finding the information you require can be quite a challenge.  This page will hopefully give you a few pointers to help you with searching the internet and a few considerations for checking the information you have found.

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Sidmouth College’s Acceptable ICT Use Policy for Students

Acceptable Internet Use Policy
Sidmouth College’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy for Staff and Students

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