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The original iPad with WiFi was released on 3rd April 2010 (sold 300,000 devices on the first day) and the first generation 3G model subsequently released at the end of that month. Just before the release of the second generation iPad, Apple had sold over 15 million devices.The first generation device features an Apple A4 Processor with 256mb RAM and comes in 16, 32 or 64GB storage sizes. This device is designed primarily as a audio visual entertainment device as well as an aid for the business and medical sector with special programmes written for it. Like the iPod and iPhone, it is possible to download apps paid for through the Apple store.

The second generation device was a large step up as it features 512mb RAM (twice the existing available) making applications and graphics run quicker and smoother as well as an Apple A5 dual-core chip to allow for increased productivity. This device features the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the first generation iPad and has the same storage options too!

The third generation iPad (released 16th March 2012) features a high definition retina display (used in the iPhone 4 and 4S) and has 1gb RAM and an Apple A5X dual core processing chip. The screen on this device is noticeably sharper than the first and second generation and use Samsung HD display technology – the device is also capable of shooting HD video. If you are not bothered by not being able to see individual pixels then the second generation iPad which is still in production and available with 16GB storage is the best option with a price of £329 from Apple as well as other retailers and comes with the latest release of iOS 5. Like the majority of Apple devices, the design and build quality on all the iPad’s is very impressive along with its simplistic yet powerful user interface.

Below is an illustation of the iPad 3.


Below is a table comparison for technical specifications