Impero Confide

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Impero Confide: where students can anonymously report an e-safety concern they may have directly to the school.

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Education Pro is Impero Software’s core product. This includes a new e-safety feature called ‘Confide’ which gives students a voice with which to report internet violations or bullying concerns. Whether those accusations involve themselves or other students, they can select the member of staff they want to submit their worries to.

Every student will also see a button on their desktop which they can click to submit a Confide notification.




1 – The student can type into this text area to enter the details of the issue that they wish to report.

2 – The student can then select who they wish to send their report to.

3 – The student then has the option to add their contact information. Once the student has added all the necessary information and ticked who they wish to submit their concern to, they can then click the ‘Submit‘ button.