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Securus software is the most advanced and unique filtering, monitoring and reporting software available today. Securus provides monitoring and detection, recording and reporting of any data activities in violation of Sidmouth College’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), whether generated internally or externally, on-line or off-line. Captures of all AUP violations are recorded as screen captures, along with the time, workstation name, user identity, application and violating word or phrase.

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Due to advancements in our web filter and firewall, all mobile devices now need an SSL certificate to be installed. Without the certificate any secure websites will not be displayed correctly.

Connect  to the college wireless network but do not complete login details. Follow the steps below for the appropriate operating system.

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Using the internet safely is about being aware of the dangers and taking sensible precautions.  Surf the websites below to find out how to be e-safe.

ICT AUP – The College acceptable ICT Usage Policy for Students.

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Your guide to available Windows Parental Controls

Click here for a printer friendly WPC guide*

Windows Parental Controls

Parental controls are a host of useful features that come with Windows Vista and Windows 7 to ensure that your child is safe whilst using the computer. Once configured, you can block or allow specific programmes to run, set limits (allocate specified times) to when your child can log-on to their account on the computer as well as regulating access to games which are installed on the computer.

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