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How do I open a protected message? Protected messages allow the sender to set specific permissions on a message, such as Do Not Forward or Do Not Print.

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Securus software is the most advanced and unique filtering, monitoring and reporting software available today. Securus provides monitoring and detection, recording and reporting of any data activities in violation of Sidmouth College's AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), whether generated internally or externally, on-line or off-line. Captures of all AUP violations are recorded as screen captures, along with the time, workstation name, user identity, application and violating word or phrase.

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How to access your Sidmouth College E-mail account from your computer at home using a web browser or Microsoft Office Outlook. Includes instructions on setting up your iPhone, iPad or Android device to sync with your e-mail account.

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How many times have you viewed documents or photos on your iPad and wished you could print those wirelessly without firing up your laptop or desktop.

There are several ways to print from your iPad. Here are some methods and apps to try, depending on the printer model you own:

1. AirPrint Compatible Printers
The easiest solution is to invest in a wireless printer that supports AirPrint technology. The AirPrint feature built into your iPad lets you wirelessly print to any AirPrint compatible printer. It is hassle-free, considering that you don’t need to download any software or install any printer drivers. Just make sure that your iPad has an updated iOS. Here’s a complete list of AirPrint-enabled printers.

The initial implementation of AirPrint also works with a handful of newer HP printers that support something HP calls ePrint. If you happen to have such a printer (HP has a list of them on its Website), and it’s on the same local network as the iPad, your iPad will be able to see it and print without any special configuration. (ePrint also gives your printer a private e-mail address, so you can also e-mail a document as an attachment, and it’ll print automatically.)

2.  Printer Apps for the iPad
If you do not own an AirPrint-enabled printer, there are alternative printing methods available. Several printer manufacturers have come out with iOS apps to help you print directly from your iPad to their portfolio of wireless printers , regardless of whether your printer is compatible with AirPrint or not. Here are some available apps:

A. HP ePrint Home & Biz App
Download the free HP ePrint Home & Biz app on your iPad to print documents, PDFs, photos, web pages, and email attachments. The app works with over 200 HP printer models.  Using the app, you will be able to connect directly to an HP printer available on a local wireless network and initiate the print job.

Another option is to look into buying one of HP’s printers with ePrint like HP Officejet 6100 e-Printer Wireless Color Printer. With an HP ePrint enabled printer, you can simply email the document or photo you want to print from your iPad to the printer’s email address and the file will automatically print. You could also use your iPad’s AirPrint feature.

HP Printer Control is also available for compatible all-in-one printers. This will also enable scanning and copying functionality from your iPad or iPhone. There is a guide and list of printers it is compatible with on their HP Printer Control page.

HP Printer Control is a free downloadable app available in iTunes App Store.

B. Epson iPrint App
The Epson iPrint app is a free downloadable app that lets you connect directly from your iPad to an Epson printer within your wireless network. Besides, documents, photos, PDFs and more, the app also supports printing files from cloud-based storage services such as DropBox and Evernote.

C. There are several other similar apps created by manufacturers for their printers:

Lexmark LexPrint App

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Defraggler is a free disk defragmentation program released by Piriform with enhanced features which allow you more options to increase the ‘speed’ and productivity of your computer. Other defragging programs (such as the one that is built into Windows) only allow you to ‘defrag’ a whole disk at once (which can be laborious and time consuming).

Defraggler has a quick defrag if you want to save time or there are other options such as the ability to defragment an entire file, a folder, or a single file. Tell Defraggler to search for files of a particular size or type. Or tell it to exclude files by name, file type as well as  other criteria. It also organises free disk space helping to limit further fragmentation.

A really good feature is the ability to move large files to the end of the hard drive. Your PC will access files faster if they are at the start of your hard drive. This programme has the ability to put the large files you probably don’t use that often at the end of the drive so that Windows can seek and access the smaller files with increased speed and efficiency.

The programme is very small to download and install (typically 3mb) and due to its configuration runs really resource light meaning you can carry on with tasks on your computer without having a ‘laggy’ machine whilst the defrag service is running in the background.

The reviews below show just how good the programme is

“Defraggler is easy to understand and performs its job well… if you want to improve computer performance, this is a great place to start.” CNET –
Read the full review at:

“Freeware file defragmentation utility Defraggler analyzes your hard drive for fragmented files and can selectively defrag the ones you choose. The graphical interface is darn sweet.” LifeHacker
Read the full review at:

“… you can choose to defragment individual files – Defraggler is one of the few programs I’ve seen with this capacity – and focus mainly on those most in need of immediate attention… Past free offerings in this category did not have the speed or features of Defraggler. I now count this as one of my must-have utilities.” The PC Guy –

“Defraggler will show you all your fragmented files. You can click one to see where on the disk its various pieces lie, or defragment just that one. This can be useful when dealing with very large, performance critical files such as databases… Piriform Defraggler is free, fast, marginally more interesting to watch than the default, and has useful additional features. What’s not to like?” PC World
Read the full review at:,72958/description.html

Download Defraggler here

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Have you ever thought about how much quicker working on a document would be if you did not have to click so many buttons in order to complete a simple task? If so, have you thought about using the keyboard driven commands? Many tasks that can be done with a mouse can be achieved quicker and easier with keyboard shortcuts. Download General key commands which tells you how you can speed up day-to-day running and make more efficient use of your time.

Your reference guide to keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft products
Sidmouth College ICT Dept.
General key commands

  • CTRL + X: Cut
  • CTRL + V: Paste
  • CTRL + Z: Undo
  • CTRL + B: Bold
  • CTRL + U: Underline
  • CTRL + I: Italic
  • CTRL + C: Copy
  • CTRL + A: Select all the items in the current window
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    Sidmouth College now uses an online booking system for making appointments to see your child’s teachers for parents’ evenings. To access the PEBS system, click on the link below.

    Open Parents’ Evening Booking System

    Parents’ Evening Dates are as follows

    Year 8   13.03.12 (Invited)
    Year 11   20.03.12 (Open)
    Year 12   27.03.12 (Open)
    Year 10   17.04.12 (Invited)
    Year 9   19.06.11 (Open)
    Year 7   26.06.12 (Open)

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    Nearly all technology these days revolves around wireless connectivity and this includes devices that connect to your computer such as external storage or printers. Many new printers such as the HP OfficeJet 4500 come with wireless printing as standard. Most wireless printers have two ‘modes’ of wireless communication. Some will become a network attached device through a wireless router and some can connect ‘ad hoc’ to individual wireless enabled devices such as a laptop or iPad. However, should you have to upgrade your current printer just for the sake of going wireless?

    HP Office Jet 4500

    Fortunately, there are various solutions for those who wish to keep their current hardware.

    Airport Extreme and Airport Express are two devices manufactured by Apple which allow you to not only connect to your printer wirelessly through USB, has the capability to stream your music wirelessly from iTunes to a auxiliary out port on the airport device as well as acting as a wireless access point for an internet connection. If you go for the fully fledged Airport Extreme, you can also plug in additional hardware, allowing access to external storage as well as printers depending on your hardware configuration. The device below is the Express version which retails for around 70 pounds.

    The device below is Apple’s Airport Extreme which can handle a multitude of different devices which the express version cannot do simultaneously and retails typically around 120 pounds.

    Another option is to opt for a wireless network USB hub. Belkin offer a very competitive product called ‘Network USB Hub F5L009uk’ which handles USB printers effectively. This can connect pretty much any type of USB device and give it a wireless interface and supports up to 15 devices (5x 3 slot USB hubs). However, this device lacks pure audio streaming that the Apple products offer – this is reflected in the price. The typically RRP for this device is around 25 pounds.

    Another solution is cloud printing. Google’s Cloud Print securely links up your printers to the web. This means that you can make any of your printers available to you and anyone else you choose. What gives Google’s system the edge is that it is compatible across a wide range of devices (some of which include; iOS based devices, android devices, tablet PC’s, desktops, netbooks plus many more web enabled devices).

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