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The app that lets parents control their child’s phone: New software blocks texts, websites and internet access

For many parents, trying to drag their children’s attention away from their phone is a constant battle of wills.

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The 2nd of November saw the release of Apple’s new iPad mini, an iOS based device with a 7.9 inch HD display. The new iPad intends to break into the marketplace previously held as a stronghold for Amazon’s Kindle as well as a plethora of lower-end Android based tablets. The mini’s price also looks to help tackle this volatile market starting off at £269. The device is even more portable, being 23% thinner and 53% lighter! To hold and behold, the device blows the competition clean away with styling and its quality feel.

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If you wish to enhance your knowledge on IWB fundamentals, please download and read the training sheet below. This covers;

•Using the IWB? •What tools are available for IWB? •How can we create stimulating tasks easily? •How can we work with images? •What resources are there? •Using multimedia, is it good? •What is Triptico, how can it help? IWB Training Read More